Vancouver is the marijuana capital of Canada. It has more dispensaries in the city than the rest of Canada combined. The recent legalization of marijuana across the country may change that, but it can’t change the years of experience that some dispensaries have attained.

While plenty of subpar dispensaries are opening up around town, you can rely on plenty of experienced ones like Weeds Vancouver. Find out how you can recognize a good cannabis dispensary in Vancouver and discover some red flags you need to watch out for.

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Quality Product

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At the core of every dispensary is the cannabis itself. Without quality cannabis available, the customer service and convenience don’t really matter as much. You need to make sure that whatever dispensary you opt for carries the quality product you deserve. Fortunately, there are a few ways to learn about the product beforehand.

A great way to scope out a potential dispensary is to read the online reviews. If users found the marijuana to be subpar, you can be sure they will say as much with their one or two star reviews. Testimony from others isn’t always reliable, so you should check that the dispensary does laboratory testing on their product. Lab tests are necessary to make sure pieces aren’t infected with mold or that they’re actually the strain they’re advertised to be.

Knowledgeable Staff

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Unless you’re a downright expert, there’s going to be something in every good dispensary that you don’t know about. This is where knowledgeable staff should be able to help. Look for a dispensary with staff that are not only familiar with the products, but are familiar with all the side effects as well.

Staff expertise is especially important if you’re looking to use cannabis as a treatment. While the effects of marijuana can be exciting, staff also need to be familiar with the medicinal properties of each product. For instance, Weeds Vancouver prides itself on its knowledgeable staff, who are more likely to bore you with the long list of benefits than fail to answer any questions you might have.

No Red Flags

The moment you walk inside a dispensary you can spot a few red flags that tell you to leave and find another place. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the dispensary. Any consumable product like cannabis should be kept in clean conditions in order to preserve its quality. Even if the store is clean, you can still notice signs of decay on the cannabis itself.

If you see seeds and stems in the strains they have on display, it’s usually a sign that the cannabis is old or not as good as they claim. Be wary of dispensaries that try to pass off trim as if it’s shake. Trim is part of the cannabis that is removed before its sold. This is because it doesn’t provide any effect.

Shake are the bits left over at the end of a storage jar, and they have all the properties of cannabis. They’re just in a different shape. Pretending that trim is shake is patently dishonest and noticeable if you know what to look for.

How to Find Cannabis in Vancouver

For all the best cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver like Weeds Vancouver, check out Weed Farms. We’ve compiled detailed lists of all the best dispensaries around, where you’ll find only quality product and staff expertise you can count on. Check out your local listings today.

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