Marijuana recently became legalized in all of Canada, but Vancouver has been ahead of the game for quite some time. Quite a few dispensaries can be found all around the city, and they will be legally allowed to offer marijuana for recreational use once all the preparations are in place October 2018.

If you want to get the most out of your experience, you need to make sure you’re purchasing your product from a dispensary you can count on that values your satisfaction above all else. Learn how to find the best Vancouver dispensary, and the key things to look for.

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Check Reviews Online

how to find the best vancouver dispensary

The internet has changed the way we explore businesses. Before, people would walk through their doors and give them a try in person before drawing any conclusions. Prejudice would be based on a business’ sign or the kind of people working there. In the modern era, you can find detailed information about the business online. While word of mouth and marketing still play a huge role, online reviews can help you sort through the half-truths in advertising and get to an honest examination.

Going online to find the best dispensary in Vancouver is also convenient. You’ll find plenty of sources that list all your local dispensaries with accompanying information about what they offer, their prices and reputation. Knowing all of this beforehand goes a long way to enhancing your experience and saving you time.

Look For No Card Dispensaries

Even before legalization, and in this short period before the province is ready in October, quite a few dispensaries in Vancouver have been selling marijuana without requiring you to show a medical marijuana card. This was technically illegal, but local police never really bothered to enforce it. Businesses had quite a few licensing requirements to fulfill, but even that wasn’t too serious for many dispensaries.

Even though risk was minimal to begin with, legalization has eliminated risk from these businesses. By purchasing from these dispensaries, you will benefit by purchasing from an experienced dispensary rather than one of the new ones that are bound to pop up around town. Working with them will not only be more efficient, but you’ll have access to better quality product.

Try the Vancouver Dispensary Society

vancouver dispensary society

Whether you want marijuana for recreational or medical use, you deserve to be able to get it without issues. That’s always been the belief of the Vancouver Dispensary Society. Since mid-2016, these dispensaries have not required doctor confirmation for purchases to ensure that patients can get the cannabis they need for treatment.

As a non-profit society, you can be sure that their dedication to public health takes precedence over all other priorities. They’ve been open for nearly a decade now, so they’re one of the most experienced dispensaries you’ll find in all of Vancouver.

Finding Vancouver Dispensaries with Weed Farms

With the online database available at Weed Farms, you can get a convenient view of all the best dispensaries in Vancouver. If you want to get in on this industry yourself, we can even help spread the word about your own dispensary. Take a look at the some of the best shops in Vancouver today and find the one that you think will work best.

See All Dispensaries in Vancouver