Southwest of Seattle lies the beautiful city of Tacoma, Washington. This urban port city manages to be gorgeous, despite the rain, and has a booming economy. Thanks to recently passed legislation, the local economy can now enjoy cannabis dispensaries.

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, so you can find quite a few different dispensaries throughout Tacoma. Sorting through all the Tacoma cannabis shops can certainly be a challenge, but it’s tough to do if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Learn what it takes to find a Tacoma dispensary worth visiting.

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High Quality Products

Tacoma Dispensary

The most important part of any recreational dispensary in Tacoma is high-quality product. Since legalization, there have been many first-timers experimenting with cannabis. Without any previous experience, these newbies don’t know the signs to look for when locating a reliable Spokane dispensary. Fortunately, you can look out for a few signs that can serve as red flags.

First, keep an eye out for stems and leaves. More commonly known as trim, this is the part that’s removed before it is sold. If you spot trim and its wiry mess still attached to the product, you’ll pay for extra weight that’s mostly just plant matter rather than potent cannabinoids. Second, make sure the products are lab tested. They should be labeled as such, but you can always ask the staff to provide detailed proof.

Exceptional Customer Service

Marijuana in Tacoma is legal, so you shouldn’t treat dispensaries differently from other kinds of retail stores. You should generally expect a reasonable level of customer service from staff in any store you visit, but marijuana requires a little extra service. Due to the sheer number of products available, you’ll need help to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The best Tacoma dispensary will have knowledgeable experts on site who are happy to help answer whatever any questions that you have. If you’re a medical marijuana patient looking for a specific strain or product, they should recommend products for you. Where they really shine, however, is when you explain an experience that you would like to achieve. If they’re able to find products for you based solely on knowing their effects, you can be sure you’re in a good dispensary.

Compliance With The Law

Legalization has turned marijuana into a legitimate enterprise, but there are many regulations you need to deal with. In that regard, it’s similar to alcohol. Although, the regulations for marijuana are harsher. When you’re trying to find a quality dispensary, keep away from ones that don’t seem to care about the law, as it means they probably don’t care about regulated quality control either.

The basics of marijuana law in Washington are easy to understand. You have to be at least 21 to make a purchase, and you need a government-issued ID to prove it. Know also the limitations to how much you can buy and carry at once. Usable marijuana is restricted to one ounce, while solid marijuana-infused products have limits of 16 ounces.

Finding a Tacoma Dispensary

If you’re looking for a quality Tacoma dispensary, Weeds Farm is happy to help. We’ve compiled a list of all the best locations in town, allowing you to compare easily and select the one you think is best. Check out our list today, and get marijuana in Tacoma in no time.

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