The beautiful city of San Jose is the economic and cultural center of Silicon Valley. This center of technology has paved the way for many innovations we all enjoy today. But some of the best things in life don’t need technological advancement, such as marijuana legalization! In San Jose, it is now legal to buy cannabis and you can find it at many dispensaries throughout the city.

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of California, meaning you can find a marijuana dispensary in cities like San Jose quite easily. The only problem is that many dispensaries have recently opened to cash in on legalization. When you visit a San Jose dispensary, you deserve to receive good customer service and quality product. Keep reading below to find out some key signs that you’re visiting a good dispensary.

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San Jose Dispensary

When people think of cannabis users, some perceptions aren’t the most flattering. Unfortunately, the lazy stoner persona is one that is too often projected onto the dispensary industry. What these people don’t realize is that this is not normally the case. Most cannabis dispensaries operate in a professional manner and are staffed with knowledgeable staff. Of course, if you do find a dispensary with unprofessional staff, it may be best to shop somewhere else.

When you walk inside a dispensary, you should expect to have staff on hand ready to help you with your purchase. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you are a first-timer, dispensary staff will recommend the right product for your needs. Dispensary staff should be knowledgeable and happy to provide information about all their products. Given the sheer diversity of cannabis-based products, you will need their help.

Quality Control

There are a few ways to tell whether or not a dispensary really cares about the quality of their product. Arguably the most important thing to do is make sure any product you buy has been lab tested. Lab tests not only verify the strain or strains used in the product, but they also ensure there aren’t any harmful contaminants that could be dangerous to consume.

You should also make sure that the marijuana isn’t old.. If cannabis isn’t stored properly, it will degrade, leading to you paying good money for less potent stuff. A key sign to look for in old cannabis is an overly dried appearance with stems and seeds. New batches will have stems and seeds freshly trimmed off. While this isn’t a surefire sign, it’s usually a good indicator.

Legal Compliance

You would be suspect of a liquor store that doesn’t ask for an ID, so why treat dispensaries any differently? If you’re at a cannabis club in San Jose, and they don’t make sure you’re at least 21 with a government-issued ID, that should be your first red flag. It generally means they don’t really care about being in compliance with the law, so it stands to reason they also don’t care about regulated quality control standards.

Another red flag is how much they’re willing to sell you at once. In the state of California, you can only have an ounce of recreational marijuana on you at any time, meaning dispensaries can’t sell you more than that. Medical marijuana in San Jose has a more lenient limit, but you need a prescription for it. If a dispensary doesn’t check that, steer clear.

Finding a San Jose Dispensary

There are good San Jose dispensaries all around, but you can find the absolute best with the help of Weeds Farm. We’ve compiled all the local dispensaries into one convenient list, so you can compare them more easily than ever before. Check out our list today, and be sure to contact us if you run your own dispensary and want to add it to the list.

See All Dispensaries in San Jose