San Francisco is home of the Golden Gate Bridge and is also a city where you can buy recreational marijuana. Cannabis may still be illegal on the federal level, but adults in California can enjoy the benefits that this incredible product has to offer.

If you’re looking to get in on the enjoyment yourself in the San Francisco area, you need to find a good SF dispensary. Marijuana has been legal for quite some time, so you’ll have many options to choose from. With such a diverse selection available, you should begin by separating the good dispensaries from the bad. Whether you’re looking for cannabis derived products or weed delivery in San Francisco, learn how to find the best dispensary in San Francisco.

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San Francisco Dispensary Reputation

San Francisco Dispensary

Like any other business, a dispensary’s livelihood depends on its reputation. Many have been around long enough to develop impressions with the local community, and that matters. Always make sure you check online reviews before making your way to any location. Dissatisfied customers tend to be honest about their experience, which is the kind of criticism that you should pay attention to when choosing a dispensary.

If the dispensary is new and hasn’t had time to receive online reviews, you will have to check it out yourself. One of the key red flags indicating that a dispensary may not be reputable is if they don’t operate in accordance with the law. In California, you have limits to how much marijuana you can buy and carry at once. If a San Francisco dispensary doesn’t abide by this rule, they’re probably not concerned about regulated quality control either.

Quality Product

When it comes to your cannabis, you deserve only the best quality product. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can tell whether or not the dispensary is worth your time. First, keep an eye out for trim. Trim is what is removed from cannabis before it’s put on the shelf, as it contains excess plant matter rather than potent cannabinoids. If you see wiry strands throughout your bud, there’s most likely too much trim.

You should also take note as to whether or not any products at your local dispensary have been lab tested. Lab tests are essential for ensuring the quality of any product you’re about to consume. You don’t want marijuana that has mold growing on it. Lab tests also ensure that you’re getting the strain as described on its label and not a mixture of unknown strains.

San Francisco Dispensary Weed Delivery

One of the best features of many San Francisco dispensaries is that they deliver! You can get quality product sent straight to your home without ever having to leave your bed. Not only does this make life easier for everyone, but it also goes a long way to help medical marijuana patients.

Medical marijuana is prescribed for a wide variety of reasons, but many patients find themselves unable to visit a dispensary. Weed delivery ensure that people get the quality product they need without putting themselves and their health at risk.

Finding the Best San Francisco Dispensary

If you’re trying to find a San Francisco dispensary that offers everything you need, Weeds Farm is happy to help. With our handy list of all your local options, you can compare locations and see which offer weed delivery in San Francisco. If you’re looking to list your own newly opened dispensary, we’re happy to help with that, too. Take a look at our current list, and see what your options are in San Francisco today.

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