The United States remains very stubborn when it comes to marijuana legalization on the federal level, but some states, like Oregon, are ahead of the curve. In cities like Portland, there’s no problem purchasing marijuana, and you don’t have to worry about the law getting in the way.

There are still plenty of legal regulations regarding the sale and consumption of pot in Portland, but it won’t stop you from having a good time. You just need to find quality Portland dispensaries and discover the best source for cannabis. Learn what to look for to find the best Portland dispensaries.

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Legal Compliance

Portland Dispensaries

The most important thing any dispensary in Portland needs to do is obey the law. In comparison to many other places in the United States where marijuana is legal, the law in Portland is notably lenient. All you need to purchase marijuana is a government-issued ID that shows you’re at least 21. When it comes to the amount you can purchase, however, there are some limitations.

Just about every type of cannabis product has a limit for how much you can buy at once. You can only get 1 ounce of dried flower, 5 grams of extracts, 16 ounces of edibles, 72 ounces of liquid cannabis products, 10 seeds, and 4 immature plants. If you find a store that’s willing to offer you more at a time, that’s a big red flag that they’re not interested in doing what’s best for you.

Look For Professionalism

You may associate marijuana with relaxation and taking it easy, but a marijuana dispensary in Portland is a business before anything else. That means you’re entitled to a reasonable level of customer service when you visit to ensure you’re getting the quality product you need. Good dispensaries will have dedicated staff who are happy to help you with any inquiries you might have.

To say that there are a lot of strains of marijuana available is putting it mildly. This product is so diverse and features such a large collection of uses, that the sheer number of options can be downright overwhelming especially if you’re a first time user. That’s why any good Portland Oregon dispensary will have experts standing by who can point out some quality products that’ll be able to produce your desired effects.


Recreational marijuana hasn’t been legal for all that long, but there has still been plenty of time for local dispensaries to develop reputations, and that matters. You can generally tell a good dispensary from the bad by looking at their customer feedback. Online reviews are a great source for this, but word of mouth goes a long way as well.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, finding a reputable dispensary is quite easy. In most cases, you just have to ask your doctor. Any doctor who prescribes marijuana is likely to know where it can be found, so if they recommend a particular Portland, Oregon, dispensary to you, it’s probably a good idea to go.

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With so many Portland dispensaries to choose from, it’s helpful to have a complete list of all your options right in front of you. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Weeds Farm can provide. Take a look at our list today, and start your journey into finding the best marijuana dispensary in Portland that can provide you with the quality product you deserve.

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