Before national legalization, dispensaries were open across Ottawa that were operating illegally. This seems to be a trend among many Canadian cities, with Vancouver and Hamilton particularly guilty. Recreational marijuana is set to become legal on October 17, 2018, so finding a weed dispensary in Ottawa will be even easier.

With so many dispensaries operating across the city, finding marijuana is easier than ever. As legalization takes place, it will not be necessary to provide a medical prescription. All provinces are working on finalizing the details for what legalization entails, but in the meantime you can still buy cannabis at dispensaries. Find out why you should visit a Ottawa dispensary and discover what they can offer you.

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Medical Benefits

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Medical marijuana isn’t some term created to justify cannabis use, as some opponents would claim. There are scientifically proven benefits of marijuana that people have benefited from for years. Now, people can make a quick trip down to your local Ottawa dispensary and buy cannabis for whatever their needs may be.

While marijuana isn’t a magic cure, it can make a significant difference when it comes to treating a wide variety of conditions. Those suffering from seizures or migraines can greatly benefit from marijuana. Even people with mental conditions like depression and anxiety can see an improvement. This is all thanks to the CBD and THC content of cannabis. Only THC has psychoactive compounds, so you can enjoy these benefits without getting high if you opt for CBD products.

Expansive Selection

CBD products like oil and topicals are just a fraction of the products that Ottawa weed dispensaries have on offer. You can find a wide variety of niche products and even some essential ingredients for recipes that have a little something extra. Of course, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of strains as well, which you can use however you like.

Understanding all the products dispensaries offer can be tough without help. Fortunately, most dispensaries have experts on staff who are happy to explain the effects of their various products. Whether you’re looking to try a new strain or method of ingestion, or need help with a particular condition, the experts can point you in the right direction.


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Legalization offers many benefits, but one of the most enjoyable is the added convenience. Buying recreational marijuana is no different from going to the grocery store now, but it gets even better. Some dispensaries will deliver cannabis directly to your home. If you need it to treat a condition that keeps you bedridden or away from crowds, this is a perfect way to get what you need without putting yourself at risk.

Ordering online also grants you privacy with your transaction. Dispensaries go to great lengths to keep their customers’ identities anonymous, but there is nothing they can do about others seeing you walk inside. By ordering online, you never have to step foot inside an actual dispensary.

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