The city of Nanaimo is about to enjoy the benefits of legalized marijuana just like the rest of Canada. The government recently legalized the substance throughout the entire country in a landmark decision that only one other country has made before. While it will take some time for the nation to prepare, you can expect to find recreational marijuana for sale in Nanaimo within a few short weeks.

To get your hands on some quality product, make sure you’re going to the right dispensary. Medical marijuana has been legal for quite some time, so there are already a few dispensaries around Nanaimo. But, more are bound to pop up in the wake of legalization. To navigate these dispensaries, you need to know what to look for in a Nanaimo dispensary.

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Quality Product

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The most important aspect of any dispensary in Nanaimo is the cannabis itself. Basic decency is enough to justify the need for quality product, but medical marijuana patients and first-time users are especially entitled to cannabis that can meet their needs. Medical marijuana patients often need strains that are more potent than their recreational cannabis in order to treat whatever condition they may have.

First-time users are especially susceptible to being taken advantage of. Since they have no real frame of reference, their experience is based on the dispensary’s word. Without being innately able to recognize quality, they could be tricked into paying extra for subpar product.

Recognizing Low Quality Weed

You can use a few tricks to recognize when a dispensary is selling low-quality product. The main thing you need to keep an eye out for is trim. Trim consists of leaves and stems from the cannabis plant that don’t contain any cannabinoids. Long and wiry stems are usually a good indicator of this.

Pre-rolls can also be a serious indicator of low quality product. Many dispensaries take advantage of people by selling pre-rolled joints because it’s hard to see the quality of the marijuana inside without breaking the joint. Dispensaries may overcharge you for a joint with low quality weed or, even worse, just trim. It’s usually good practice to stay away from pre-rolls in general, but if you do get them, don’t opt for the cheapest ones.

Exceptional Service

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A dispensary in Nanaimo isn’t only a place where you can get cannabis. It should be a place where you can learn more about it. A good dispensary like the Nanaimo Cannabis Club has a multitude of different products on offer. With so much selection, you probably aren’t going to be familiar with all of them. Make sure the dispensary you visit has knowledgeable experts on staff who can go over the effects and medicinal properties of every single product. Whether you’re searching for a particular strain or a niche product like butter or soap.

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With help from Weed Farms, finding a quality Nanaimo dispensary is easy. We’ve compiled a list of all the best in town, complete with the essential information you need. Be sure to check out our list to see for yourself and don’t forget to contact us directly if you want to get more publicity for a dispensary in Nanaimo that you own.

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