Montreal has been catching up to the wider acceptance of marijuana, and the recent nationwide legalization has left them with little choice. Medical marijuana dispensaries have been in place for quite some time, so medical patients have had no problem getting the treatment they need.

More dispensaries will be opening up in Montreal leading up to the legalization of recreational marijuana in October. Learn what to look for in a Montreal dispensary, and discover how you can find a reliable dispensary with quality product.

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One of the most important things any dispensary needs is a staff that is knowledgeable about their product. There are many different strains and products available, and most people aren’t going to be familiar with all products. Dispensary staff should know their products and be able to explain the benefits to their customers.

With highly knowledgeable staff, you can not only find what you’re looking for, but learn about new products that may create the result you’re looking for better than ever before. Recreational use may be legal now, but that won’t stop medical marijuana patients from needing cannabis for their treatments. Staff with extensive knowledge of how particular strains and products can treat certain conditions is an invaluable resource.


Montreal may not have as many dispensaries as some other major Canadian cities like Vancouver, but there are still enough for them to earn a reputation. As more and more dispensaries open, reputation is going to become increasingly important, as you’ll soon have quite a few different options to choose from.

A great way to check reputation is to go online. Nothing motivates people to spend time typing out a review more than a bad experience, so if a dispensary doesn’t exactly live up to reasonable standards, you can be sure someone on the internet is yelling about it. It’s also a good idea to get recommendations from your doctor if you’re a medical marijuana patient. They usually know the most reliable places.


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Buying cannabis shouldn’t be a hassle. Visiting your marijuana dispensary in Montreal should be no different than going to your local grocery store. That means a good dispensary will have a wide variety of products available that can produce various effects and help treat a multitude of conditions.

You should also keep an eye out for dispensaries that can deliver. There’s something satisfying about having marijuana delivered to your doorstep, and it’s practical as well. Some medical marijuana patients have trouble taking the trip to the store, whether they’re bedridden or suffering from severe anxiety. Delivery allows them to get the treatment they need without having to interact with anyone.

Finding a Montreal Dispensary with Weed Farms

With the help of Weed Farms, finding a Montreal dispensary is easy. All you have to do is peruse our list of quality dispensaries in your area. If you’re looking to get some recognition for your own dispensary, you can contact us for help broadcasting your dispensary to a wider audience. Explore marijuana dispensaries in Montreal today!

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