The Canadian government has set a date that cannabis will become legalized for recreational use across Canada. This is a historical decision, as Canada is the second country in the world to do so behind Uruguay, and the first country in the G7 to legalize it. This decision will cause many changes for Canada, so it is important to know how these changes may impact you.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for several years now, allowing patients to receive the treatment they need. As recreational marijuana enters the public field now, Calgary is making sure it’s prepared.

Legally, medical marijuana users won’t see much change, but the industry itself is looking toward some serious alterations. Find out more about how legalization will affect medical marijuana in Calgary.

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Recreational vs. Medical Marijuana

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The differences between recreational and medical marijuana are obvious for the most part. While some medical substances have low THC content, most products from both sides feature both THC and CBD in order to offer all the beneficial effects. But, despite that similarity, the markets for the two products are vastly different.

Medical marijuana efficacy is grounded in scientific research, and for researchers to be taken seriously, marijuana needs to be seen as a genuine tool for medical treatment rather than a substance one uses just to get high. Educating people about the medical benefits of marijuana is tough when people are already inclined to believe it’s a recreational party drug.

Other perspectives tend to focus on the positives of legalization of medical marijuana. Some people believe that the growing interest in cannabis will be enough to provide a platform to educate people about cannabis’ benefits. The problem is that recreational marijuana will most likely not match the quality of medical cannabis. 


Aside from the extra taxes, legalization will drive the costs of all marijuana down as the supply steadily increases. Many producers will be upgrading their facilities, which will stifle production for a short time, but supply will be greatly increased in the long run. With a reduced price, marijuana will be more accessible to people.

Even with the reduced cost of recreational marijuana, medical marijuana will still likely cost less than recreational marijuana. The Canada Revenue Agency already views prescribed medical marijuana to be a qualifying medical expense, and recreational weed will never be able to claim the same. In the future, medical marijuana may be covered by standard medical plans.

Quality Control

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As recreational producers begin to take part in the growing market in Calgary, they’re going to have to compete with many big producers. Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for a few years now, so finding a weed dispensary in Calgary with experience should not be an issue. Companies that specialize in medical marijuana will always have more experience and will be more knowledge.

While some medical marijuana producers plan to engage in the recreational market now, others will remain strictly medical. The benefit of this is their quality control. Medical marijuana needs to have specific properties, and some producers have the experience and know-how to maximize those properties in every batch. To stay competitive, they’ll likely capitalize on this expertise. In short, expect medical marijuana to be consistently higher quality.

Finding a Medical Marijuana in Calgary with Weed Farms

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