Vancouver has developed a reputation over the years for being a great place to purchase cannabis. Even before Canada legalized cannabis nationwide, accessibility in Vancouver has always been higher than most other places. Unfortunately, many subpar dispensaries are trying to cash in on this reputation by selling low-quality product to first-time users.

If you’re a first-time user or just want to make sure you’re getting the quality and convenience you deserve, there are a few things to know what to look for in a dispensary. Here are some of the most important signs that you’re in a good marijuana dispensary in Vancouver.

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They Have a Good Reputation

good reputation marijuana dispensary in vancouver

Like any other business or organization, reputation is one of the most important aspects you need to look out for in a marijuana dispensary in Vancouver. Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to research the reputation of any potential dispensary. You will be able to find reviews on their own sites as well as sites specifically designed to host information about a wide variety of dispensaries in Vancouver.

While online reviews certainly have a lot to say, they can’t exactly compare to the opinions of medical professionals. When you need medical marijuana in Vancouver, it’s especially important that you get the quality you need. See if there are any that your doctor would recommend. Sometimes, you’ll even find medical professionals working directly at the dispensary.

Everything Is Lab Tested

As with anything else you plan to put in your body, you need to make sure that whatever dispensary you choose lab tests all their products. Lab testing is absolutely essential if you want to ensure you’re not going to find any pathogens like mold spores. Lab testing also ensures that strains are properly labeled.

If you use medical marijuana or you want to receive a specific effect from your cannabis, you’re going to need precise THC and CBD measurements. Without extensive lab testing, determining the cannabinoid makeup of the product is just guesswork at best. If it’s not clear on the packaging or display area whether or not the product was tested, make sure you ask the staff. They should be happy to elaborate on their testing process for you.

They Have Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

medical marijuana in vancouver

When you walk into a reputable dispensary, you should be greeted by friendly team members there. Customer service is just as important at a dispensary as it is everywhere else, if not more so. Browsing through different strains and cannabis products can be overwhelming for people not intimately familiar with it all already. The staff should be knowledgeable about all products in the dispensary and happy to help you with whatever you need.

It’s also a good sign when the staff has knowledge of conditions their products can be used to treat. You will find this incredibly helpful if you’re looking for treatment for a mild problem that you don’t really want to go to the doctor’s office for. Just because recreational use is legal doesn’t mean that medical marijuana in Vancouver is going out of style.

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