San Diego likes to picture itself as America’s Finest City and the birthplace of California, and they have a lot of good reason for doing so. There’s plenty to do in this city already, but thanks to some legal action at the California state level, there’s one thing that all people can now enjoy; cannabis dispensaries!

Recreational marijuana is legal in California now, and if you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, you’ll need to find a weed dispensary in San Diego that you can count on. There are plenty to choose from, but they are far from being equal. Here are some handy tips for finding marijuana dispensaries in San Diego you can trust.

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Look for Professionalism

Marijuana Dispensaries San Diego

Marijuana dispensaries are meant to provide convenience and support customers, so you should expect quality customer service when you visit a dispensary. In fact, San Diego dispensaries have become one of this city’s most appealing features. You can expect to be greeted by friendly staff who are happy to help you with your cannabis purchase.

Both long-time cannabis users and first timers will need help purchasing cannabis, which is why it’s so important for a weed dispensary to have experts on-site. There are more marijuana strains and products than most people can keep track of, but having a virtual cannabis encyclopedia at your service goes a long way to help you get the experience that you are loooking for.

Know the Red Flags

Most dispensaries are generally good, but there are some that are simply awful. Fortunately, there are a few red flags that can let you know if a dispensary is subpar. The most important thing to look for is dishonest tactics. Sometimes you’ll see dispensaries trying to pass off trim as shake, and that’s a huge problem because, unlike shake, trim doesn’t contain a potent amount of cannabinoids which produce the desired effect.

Another red flag is the lack of lab tested products. Usually, most products are labeled as being lab tested, but even if they’re not, the staff should be happy to show you the proof that they were. If you find that the employees are hesitant to show you lab testing evidence, try to change the subject, or dismiss the need for lab testing, it’s time to go somewhere else.

Obey the Law

If you’re a long-time marijuana smoker, this tip probably never meant much to you, but it’s more important than ever now. While some view the current regulations on marijuana as too strict despite legalization, it’s more important to remember that a dispensary that doesn’t care about the law probably doesn’t care about legally mandated quality control.

California has quite a few restrictions on marijuana that dispensaries could easily ignore. The most obvious is that you need to be at least 21 and have a government-issued ID to buy. If you’re looking for medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, make sure they’re checking for your prescription. Patients need potent product more than anyone, and a dispensary that disobeys the law is less likely to be committed to quality cannabis.

How to Find the Best Dispensary San Diego

There are plenty of marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, but nothing makes them easier to compare than Weeds Farm. With our handy list of all the best locations, you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips in one convenient location. Check out our list today to find the weed dispensary in San Diego that’ll work best for you.

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