There’s plenty to do to keep yourself entertained in the Aquatic Capital of America. But, as of January 2018, there is another way to enjoy yourself in Long Beach. With marijuana legalization sweeping the state of California, anyone who is 21 and over are can buy and consume cannabis.

If you’re looking for quality product, you’ll need to find a Long Beach dispensary you can rely on. Since legalization, dispensaries are opening up all over, but you will need a bit of information to sort through the good and bad dispensaries. When it comes to finding a Long Beach dispensary, here are a few ways you can find the right one for you.

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Obeying the Law

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Cannabis may be legal in California, but it’s still heavily regulated. Despite the more severe dangers of alcohol, marijuana still has a negative image. And while you can buy as much alcohol as you want, you’re limited to buying and carrying only one ounce of marijuana.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, the rules are a little different. Rather than the one ounce limitation, you are able to buy and carry up to half a pound at a time. You can even grow cannabis yourself if you’re a medical marijuana patient. While the average person can have up to six plants at a time in their home, medical marijuana patients can grow up to twelve.

Knowledgeable Service

Since legalization, producers have been developing new cannabis products. When you walk into your local Long Beach dispensary, you’ll find a wide variety of products available and a variety of strains. Some products include edibles, oils, topicals, and many others. Even heavy cannabis users don’t know details about every product, so it’s helpful to have knowledgeable staff.

Like any other retail store, your dispensary should pride itself on customer service. Their staff should be knowledgeable about all the details of each product on the shelf, so they can help you find the product that best serves your needs. If you find staff to be inattentive or ignorant of their own products, it might be time to shop somewhere else.

Quality Product

Any good Long Beach dispensary should provide high-quality products. If you’re new to dispensaries, it can be tough to separate the good from the bad, but you can look out for a few signs of impropriety. If you see any long wiry bits in any product, that’s a huge red flag. Those are stems and are known as trim when found in conjunction with the leaves of the cannabis plant. These parts don’t contain anywhere near the amount of cannabinoids required to properly experience marijuana’s effects, so make sure you steer clear.

Another great way to ensure quality product is to check if it’s lab tested. Lab tests are essential to prove that there aren’t any mold or harmful substances mixed in and that it’s the strain as labeled with no contamination. There should be labels indicating whether or not a product was lab tested, but you can always ask the staff at a dispensary for detailed verification. They should be more than happy to share that information with you.

Finding Your Long Beach Dispensary

When you’re looking for a marijuana dispensary in Long Beach, it’s nice to have all the options in one convenient place. For weedmaps in Long Beach you can count on, be sure to check out Weeds Farm. We’ve compiled a handy list of the best local dispensaries allowing you to compare your favorites with ease. Check them out today!

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