The city of Victoria in British Columbia is no stranger to marijuana. Since medical marijuana became legal, dispensaries all across the city have popped up, ready to provide patients with the treatment they need. Some dispensaries like Farmacy Victoria made it especially easy for their patients, since the dispensary is located right next to a medical clinic.

Recently, the Canadian federal government legalized recreational marijuana across the entire country. This is a historical and incredibly beneficial turn of events, but it will have some consequences you need to watch out for. A lot of people are going to try and cash in on the legalization by opening subpar dispensaries. Learn how to spot a bad marijuana dispensary in Victoria, BC to ensure you’re getting the proper quality product you deserve.

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Low Quality Product

spotting a bad marijuana dispensary in victoria

The first thing you should examine in a new dispensary is the product itself. If you’re unfamiliar with what cannabis should look like, remember these few things that will help you spot low quality product. Make sure you keep an eye out for trim in your dried bud. Trim is a collection of stems and leaves from the cannabis plant that don’t really offer any of the properties you’re looking for. All they do is act as a filler, but they don’t actually get you high.

Trim is also sometimes used in place of shake due to its similar appearance. Shake is cannabis cut up into small pieces. Unlike trim, shake contains all the cannabinoids necessary to produce the notable effects. If you see wiry stems inside shake, that’s typically a sing that the dispensary is being dishonest with their product.

Poorly Trained Staff

A good marijuana dispensary is going to have expert staff on hand to help you navigate their wide selection of products. Even if you’re a long-time user or medical marijuana patient, you probably don’t have extensive knowledge of all available products. The number of options can be overwhelming, so you’ll need help navigating that maze.

Lack of Factory Testing

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Marijuana must be properly tested before being sold. Legalization will actually facilitate testing since dispensaries are now legally obligated to keep their cannabis to certain standards. You can usually find out if a product is factory tested thanks to the label. If you can’t find it, however, you can always ask one of the employees. They should have all the necessary testing information ready to show you. If they refuse, that’s a big red flag.

Factory testing is essential to make sure marijuana is safe. Medical marijuana patients need to take extra care to ensure their product will adequately treat their conditions. With factory testing, you can be sure the cannabis doesn’t have any mold and that it’s properly labeled, so you always know what you’re getting.

Finding a Good Dispensary in Victoria BC with Weed Farms

You know what to look for in bad dispensaries, so it’s time to check out the good ones. Consult our list at Weed Farms to find a Dispensary in Victoria, BC that is convenient for you. If you’re thinking of opening a dispensary yourself, let us know once you’re operating, and we’ll add it to our list. It’s time to explore everything marijuana can do for you.

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