Abbotsford doesn’t exactly have the best history when it comes to cannabis dispensaries. Many dispensaries operating within the city have been shut down in the past. But, in the wake of nationwide legalization, the future is bright for this booming market. Not only will cannabis be accessible to any adult in the city, but it is expected that the price will drop when suppliers adapt to the new demand.

With marijuana prospects looking up, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it. Whether you’re looking to experience the medicinal effects, or trying to wind down, you’ll need to find a local dispensary you can count on to provide you with high quality product.

Learn how to find a reliable Abbotsford dispensary by exploring your options and pinpointing the best qualities to look for.

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Many people still don’t see marijuana as an industry that should be taken seriously. But, the dispensary market is here to stay, so you should expect to receive a professional experience when you visit one.

There should be plenty of knowledgeable staff to help you find the product that is right for you. Staff should educate you about the different strains and products so that you are familiar with their products. They should also recommend products that are suited to treat any specific medical concerns that you may have.

While they aren’t qualified to act as your doctor, they should be able to describe the different effects of each product.

While many don’t view dispensaries quite the same as typical retail stores, legalization has closed this gap significantly. That means you should always expect the same level of service as you would in a liquor store or even a grocery store. Whether or not you get the level of service you deserve goes a long way to indicate the overall quality of the dispensary. If their goal isn’t to provide premier service to their customers, they’re not going to care enough to offer quality product.

Quality Cannabis

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Service doesn’t matter much if a dispensary can’t offer you the product you want. Fortunately, a lot of dispensaries have made it easy to check out their selection online before you visit. While they typically give you a good idea of what products they offer, online menus aren’t always an honest representation of their selection.

If you really want to investigate whether or not a dispensary is selling quality cannabis, you’ll have to visit one yourself. Look out for a few significant factors – the most important is whether or not the cannabis has trim. Trim is the extra part of cannabis including leaves and stems that don’t contain any of the essential cannabinoids which produce marijuana’s effects. If you see any wiry stems in any products being passed off as shake, you should consider finding a different dispensary.


Like any other kind of business, reputation says a lot about what you can expect from a dispensary in Abbotsford. Fortunately, it’s easy to discover any Abbotsford dispensary’s reputation thanks to the prevalence of online reviews. The internet has changed the way we explore all businesses, and dispensaries are no different.

With legalization, more dispensaries continue to open. With so many new establishments, there aren’t many reviews available yet. For these dispensaries, it’s important to listen to word of mouth and visit them yourself. Ask your friends or find online communities that talk about local Abbotsford establishments. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, your doctor will probably have an idea of what dispensaries you can rely on.

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The best and easiest way to find a dispensary in Abbotsford you can count on is through online services. You can find convenient lists of all the best dispensaries in an area from sources like Weed Farms. Even if you’re opening a dispensary yourself and want to add it to the list, we’re happy to help. Check out our list of Abbotsford dispensaries today!

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